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      /PART 1

      Fourth 25/10/17 26/10/17 27/11/17 28/11/17    


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  • This course develops the necessary competencies to earn the “Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM)” international designation by APICS , the worldwide leading professional association for supply chain and operations management.

    This course prepares for earning the CPIM designation by APICS (www.apics.org) the worldwide leading professional association for supply chain and operations management. Adopting international standards and protocols in the field of operations management is significant to be distinguished by methodological approach, recognized as subject matter experts with the capability to find the right solutions, as more than 100.000 certifications relased since 1973 demonstrate.

    Main contents

  • PART 1

  • Module 1 – Basics of Supply Chain Management (BSCM)

    • Introduction to Supply Chain Management
    • Demand Management
    • Master Planning
    • Material Requirements Planning
    • Capacity Management and Production Activity Control
    • Aggregate Inventory Management
    • Item Inventory Management
    • Purchasing and Physical Distribution
    • Lean  and Quality System
    • Theory of Constraints

    PART 2

Module 1 – Strategic Management  of Resources (SMR)

  • Developing the Business Strategy
  • The Global Environment and Sustainability
  • Operations Strategy
  • Operations Strategy choices and Financial Measurements
  • Aligning Operations with Supply Chain Partners
  • Infrastructure systems
  • Change management
  • Case studies and review activity

  • Module 2 – Master Planning of Resources (MPR)

    • The Business Planning Process
    • Forecasting Demand
    • Demand Management and Customer Service
    • Distribution Planning
    • Sales and Operations Planning
    • The Master Scheduling Process
    • Managing the Master Scheduling Process
    • Measuring Performance and Validating  the Plan

    Module 3 – Detailed Scheduling &  Planning (DSP)

    • Inventory Policies
    • Inventory Planning
    • Information Used in the Material Planning Process
    • MRP Mechanics: The Basics
    • Using MRP Outputs and Managing Projects
    • Detailed Capacity Planning
    • Detailed Capacity Management
    • Establishing Supplier Relationships
    • Supplier Partnerships

    Module 4 – Execution and Control of Operations (ECO)

    • Execution of Operations
    • Scheduling and Authorization
    • Control of Production
    • Control of Costs and Quality
    • Management and Communication
    • Quality and Continuous Improvement
    • Design Tradeoffs
    • Case Studies

    Who should attend

    • Production managers
    • Logistics managers
    • Planners and buyers
    • Anybody who wants to earn an operations management certification

    Giuseppe Lovecchio, CFPIM, CSCP, CLTD, ACPF, PMP
    APICS Master CPIM and CSCP Instructor since 2011.
    More than 4000 education hours already delivered to managers and executives

    Duration and delivery mode

    • Sixteen days
    • Sessions in english, french or italian
    • In-company or in class
    • The course is composed by the above five modules, with english documentation

    The course includes the necessary  documentation to be effectively studied (participant  guide + books, etc.).

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