(Certified in Planning and Inventory Management - Parte 1)


  • Obiettivo
  • Questo corso sviluppa le competenze necessarie per conseguire la certificazione internazionale “Certified in Planning and Inventory Management (CPIM)” dell' APICS, la maggiore organizzazione globale delle certificazioni in supply chain.
  • Benefici
    Adottare standard e le migliori pratiche in ambito operations diventa fondamentale per distinguersi grazie ad un approccio metodologico, ed essere riconosciuti come esperti nella materia, in modo da proporre e realizzare le giuste soluzioni, come oltre 125.000 persone certificate dimostrano dal 1973.


  • Objective
  • This course develops the skills to get the international certification “Certified in Planning and Inventory Management (CPIM)” by APICS, the global leader in supply chain certifications.
  • Benefits
    Adopting standard and best practices in operations management is key to stand out from the crowd with a methodological approach, and be recognized as experts in the field, in order to advice and apply the right solutions, as more than 125.000 certified professionals demonstrate since 1973.


Luogo del corso/place: live online

Date di avvio/Starting dates: 15 NOVEMBRE - 10 GENNAIO 2022. Ore 17.30-20.30

15 NOVEMBER - 10 JANUARY 2021. From 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm (CEST Rome time; GMT+2)

Numero totale di sessioni /Number of sessions: 10

Altre sessioni: ogni lunedi successivo con sessioni di durata di 3 ore ciascuna / Other sessions: every next monday with each session of a 3-hour duration.

Durata totale/Total duration: 30 ore / 30 hours

Il corso è erogabile in italiano, inglese o francese/ The course can be held in italian, french or english.



Module 1: Supply Chain Overview

  • Section A: Operational Objectives to Meet Competitive Priorities
  • Section B: Marketing Strategies
  • Section C: Fundamentals of Sales and Operations Planning
  • Section D: Manufacturing Strategies - Environments, Process Types, & Layouts
  • Section E: Key Performance Indicators and Metrics
  • Section F: Sustainable and Socially Responsible Supply Chains

Module 2: Fundamentals of Demand Management

  • Section A: Creating a Product Roadmap
  • Section B: Product Management
  • Section C: Characteristics of Demand
  • Section D: Forecasting

Module 3: Plan Supply

  • Section A: Create Master Production Schedule
  • Section B: Create Material Requirements Plan
  • Section C: Perform Capacity Requirements Planning
  • Section D: Creating Final Assembly Schedule
  • Section E: Closing the Loop

Module 4: Executing the Plan Supply

  • Section A: Buy
  • Section B: Make

Module 5: Inventory Management

  • Section A: Inventory Investment and Days of Supply
  • Section B: Safety Stock
  • Section C: Item Segmentation
  • Section D: Order Quantity and Item Replenishment Method
  • Section E: Tracking Inventory Throughout the Supply Chain
  • Section F: Returns, Reworks, Recycles, Reuse, Remanufacture and Product Disposition
  • Section G: Inventory Accuracy Audit Program
  • Section H: Addressing Inventory Loss
  • Section I: Planning and Managing Distribution Inventory

Module 6: Continuous Improvement and Quality Management and Technologies

  • Section A: Continuous Improvement
  • Section B: Information, Process, and Emerging Technology


La certificazione CPIM si ottiene al superamento degli esami della parte CPIM 1 e CPIM 2.

Il materiale didattico e l'esame APICS per ottenere la certificazione sono in inglese. / The course material and the APICS exam are in english.


APICS Master Instructor e Subject Master Expert del learning system CLTD

Demand Driven Endorsed Instructor