who we are

We are an engineering and management consulting firm specializing in supply chain, logistics, procurement, manufacturing, warehouse design. We help companies to achieve sustainable supply chain outcomes through effective improvement programs, based on Lean Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints, Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise Business Model, Total Quality, Agile Project Management.

The firm was founded in 2005 after Mr. Lovecchio, engineer, carried out an extensive international experience since 1990 in corporations such as A2A Milan, ABB, AlliedSignal, BOSCH and ALSTOM, where he managed  industrial sites up to 200 Meuro of turnover as supply chain director and deputy managing director.

Lovecchio Consulting works with a team of experienced professionals and well known consulting firms - even internationally - to meet the specific needs of its customers.

our history

  • Giuseppe Lovecchio founded Lovecchio Consulting in Monopoli (Italy) with the scope to deliver highly professional services in operations and supply chain. He already spent 15 years of international experience since 1990 with A2A Milan, ABB, Alliedsignal, BOSCH, ALSTOM as supply chain director and deputy managing director.

  • First lean kaizen blitz done as consultancy firm (after more than 15 kaizen blitz done in ALSTOM since 1998).

  • APICS Recognized Master Instructor

  • APICS International Channel Partner

  • MetaOps Channel Partner

  • Demand Driven Institute Affiliate and Endorsed Instructor


    EREB member, Representative for Italy & France, and Knowledge Partner


Our mission is the growth of people professionalism, in order they contribute to make their companies really sustainable and with a competitive advantage, through innovation in operations and supply chain.


Our vision is to be the reference in operations and supply chain consulting and education, together with top international  associations and highly distinguished peer firms in a connected, passionate  and motivated environment.


Giuseppe Lovecchio

Giuseppe has over 30-years hands-on experience on supply chain and operations, working in multi-cultural and complex global corporations, as supply chain director and deputy managing director.  He founded Lovecchio Consulting in 2005, performing an intense activity for the successful application of supply chain and operations solutions, with proven results (warehouse design, lean implementations, inventory reductions, etc).  He is an APICS Master Instructor since 2011, Subject Matter Expert for APICS CLTD & CSCP  learning system, qualified business instructor APAFORM EQF LEVEL 8 European grade, Demand Driven Endorsed Instructor, VCARE EREB member and author of various articles. His primary focus is on the systemic and pragmatic deployment of the business strategy in strategic, tactical and operational results, through a  transparent, collaborative and productive approach.

EManuela Panzironi

Emanuela  is a qualified business instructor APAFORM EQF Level 4 european grade, business management consultant in strategic management, lean manufacturing , logistics and procurement.
Graduated in Philosophy, since 2011 she holds a Master in Marketing & Communication Management, starting a journey leading her to go in depth in the logistics and manufacturing arena.
She delivers high value training courses combining technical aspects with systemic thinking and pragmatic approach.
Since 2013 she collaborates with various companies, mainly dealing with the design of educational activities and new digital skills.
Since 2019 she launched  an independent business consultancy activity also in partnership  with Lovecchio Consulting, focusing on process improvements.


Sara Lovecchio

Sara is a chartered accountant and a business management consultant in strategic management, general ledger and managerial accounting.
With a master’s degree in Economics and a master in accounting from University of Tor Vergata (Rome), she is a trainer in accounting, general ledger, and all topics related to the applications in logistics and distribution arena.
Since 2016 she collaborates with various companies and Lovecchio Consulting, focusing on the application of throughput accounting principles.