Demand Driven BUSINESS

  • Demand Driven Business (DDB)  is an innovative pull methodology that helps  better to plan inventory while increasing customer service.
    It enables a company to build more closely to actual market requirements, taking into account real demand, sensing and shaping it, and better promoting quicker decisions and actions at the planning and execution level, such as:

    • Repetitive  materials  shortages are largely reduced, even in turbulent scenarios.
    • Lean principles are more easily adopted  thanks to a more stable material availability, also with product having complex bill of materials and routings.


    • Companies aiming to  reduce inventories while improving customer service can get  a significant  competitive advantage into the marketplace  because this  technology right-sizes inventories as the external environment changes
    • Companies looking to reduce lead times find a great ability  to make it.


    • Companies wanting to implement  supply chain best practices are on the right and fast track
    • Forecast error impact is  largely reduced

    The approach works in combination with a mature Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), lean-six sigma, theory of constraints and total quality best practices, with a proven path already demonstrated with different best practices.


    • Increased throughput
    • Reduced operating expense and inventory
    • Increased customer service and margins
    • Reduced lead times


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