• Duration: twelve sessions 3-hour each 


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    This course develops the necessary competences to earn the PMP® designation  from PMI® (Project Management Institute), one of the most internationally recognized institutes in project management, and based on the PMBOK®  7th Edition.
    PMP® is a PMI® registered mark.

    This course prepares for earning the PMP® designation by PMI®. Adopting international standards and protocols in the field of project management is significant to be distinguished by methodological approach, recognized as subject matter experts in project management.

    Main contents

    Introduction: the new PMBOK®  -  7th Edition
  • Module 1: Creating a High Performing Team

    Learn to define team ground rules and collaboration, build a shared understanding, engage and support virtual teams and more.

      • Topic A: Build a Team

        Topic B: Define Team Ground Rules

        Topic C: Negotiate Project Agreements

        Topic D: Empower Team Members and Stakeholders

        Topic E: Train Team Members and Stakeholders

        Topic F: Engage and Support Virtual Teams

        Topic G: Build Shared Understanding about a Project


     Module 2: Keeping Your Team on Track

    Learn to collaborate with stakeholders, lead a team, manage the scope, schedule, quality conflict and more.

      • Topic A: Determine Appropriate Project Methodology/Methods and Practices

        Topic B: Plan and Manage Scope

        Topic C: Plan and Manage Budget and Resources

        Topic D: Plan and Manage Schedule

        Topic E: Plan and Manage Quality of Products and Deliverables

        Topic F: Integrate Project Planning Activities

        Topic G: Plan and Manage Procurement

        Topic H: Establish Project Governance Structure

        Topic I: Plan and Manage Project/Phase Closure


    Module 3: Getting Started With Your Project

    Learn to engage stakeholders, manage and plan project changes, assess and manage risk and more.

      • Topic A: Assess and Manage Risks

        Topic B: Execute Project to Deliver Business Value

        Topic C: Manage Communications

        Topic D: Engage Stakeholders

        Topic E: Create Project Artifacts

        Topic F: Manage Project Changes

        Topic G: Manage Project Issues

        Topic H: Ensure Knowledge Transfer for Project Continuity


    Module 4: Doing the Work

    Learn to manage conflicts, work with stakeholders, establish project governance and more.

      • Topic A: Lead a Team

        Topic B: Support Team Performance

        Topic C: Address and Remove Impediments, Obstacles, and Blockers

        Topic D: Manage Conflict

        Topic E: Collaborate with Stakeholders

        Topic F: Mentor Relevant Stakeholders

        Topic G: Apply Emotional Intelligence to Promote Team Performance


    Module 5: Keeping the Business in Mind

          Learn to evaluate business and environment changes, support organizational change, improve processes and more.


            • Topic A: Manage Compliance Requirements

              Topic B: Evaluate and Deliver Project Benefits and Value

              Topic C: Evaluate and Address Internal and External Business Environment Changes

              Topic D: Support Organizational Change

              Topic E: Employ Continuous Process Improvement


    Who should attend

    • CEO
    • Program managers
    • Project managers
    • Team managers
    • Anybody who wants to earn a project  management certification

        Giuseppe Lovecchio, PMP, PRINCE 2 & ITIL Foundation, CPIM-F, CSCP-F, CLTD-F, ACPF, CMC
        APICS Master Instructor since 2011.
        More than 4000 education hours already delivered to managers and executives

    Other Instructors are available.
  • Duration and delivery mode

    • 12 sessions 
    • Sessions in english, french or italian
    • In-company or in class
    • The course is composed by the above agenda, with english or italian documentation.

    The course includes the necessary  documentation to be effectively studied (books, etc.).

    At the end of the course a certificate of attendance will be delivered  by an PMP , Prince 2 foundation certified and  APICS Master Instructor
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