• The approach is to integrate the material flows within a warehouse, with the structural / architectural facets, so enabling a faster return on investment of the structure, a reduction of logistics costs affecting the cost of goods sold (COGS), and an increase of the product margin.
     How warehouse design works :
    1. Plotting of the existing warehouse/production layout (if it exists), based on :
    - Shelving and storage systems
    - Handling systems
    - Cube utilization and accessibility
    - Load of goods by product family
    - Current rules and procedures (material entry, picking, shipping, e


    2. Analysis of business development in the next 3-5 years and requirements of the average load by product family; “as is” and “to be” inventory analysis; functional features of the new warehouse;
    3. Development of a new macro-layout including:
    - Optimized material flow in receiving / storage / picking / staging / shipping
    - Appropriate storage systems for the desired inventory turn and safety
    - Consistent handling systems to storage capabilities
    - Correct location of goods to minimize picking/shipping cost, reducing waste and lead time
    - Location of individual items in the warehouse (stock location)
    - Simplified and streamlined management systems (lean warehousing).


    Additionally to the warehouse design, we propose a global approach for optimizing existing warehouses in their day to day activities.

    Other examples of projects done at www.zerocarbonwarehouse.com


    • Reduced warehouse and inventory costs
    • More efficient use of space and resources
    • Reduced risk in the integration of technologies, tools, processes, methods
    • Better coordination of people


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