Project Procurement Management

Procurement is a fundamental part of any project, especially when you need additional capabilities, products and service outside your company to meet the project results. It is sometimes difficult to match procurement processes in a project based organization. The course helps to well integrate the above two aspects at the advantage of business results. Models, processes, best practices, organizations and communications issues are discussed in this specific course.

Main contents
Sessions offered in this course include:

  • Introduction to Project Procurement Management (PPM)
    • PPM definitions and benefits
    • Historical perspective of project management
    • Specific objectives in a project environment
    • The project management triangle
    • Project management benefits and outcomes
  • Correlation between contract  strategy and PPM
    • Contract types commonly used and need to adopt PPM systems and approaches
    • Supply complexity and criticality


  • PPM Organization
    • Organization models
    • Procurement roles and responsibilities in project based businesses
    • Project team definition
    • Responsibility matrix: how to use it
    • Hierarchical and function relations
    • The role of the Procurement Project Manager
    • Type of projects impacting procurement organizations
  • Procurement Management according to the PMBOK ®  of PMI® -  5th edition
    • Plan / Conduct  / Control  / Close procurements
    • Procurement planning
    • Contract planning
    • Supplier bids
    • Contract management
    • Contract closeout
    • Comparison between procurement best practices and procurement in the PMI context



  • Supplier early involvement
    • What it is and what are the benefits for the project
    • How to choose an early involved supplier
  • Coordination between project and procurement
    • Resource and activities estimation
    • Scheduling approaches


  • Contractual documents
    • Standardization needs
    • Documents control
    • General and specific terms
    • Examples of a project procurement plan: how to use it
  •  Performance control
    •  Reporting
    • Project review
    • Procurement KPIs
    • Supplier ranking and rating

Who should attend

  • Portfolio, Program and project managers
  • Procurement managers
  • Buyers and planners
  • Anybody who wants to develop capabilities in the field

     Giuseppe Lovecchio, CFPIM, CSCP, CPF
APICS Master CPIM and CSCP Instructor.
More than 3500 education hours already delivered to managers and executives

Duration and delivery mode

  • Two days
  • Sessions in english, french or italian
  • In-company or in class

The course includes the documentation (slides in pdf format, etc.).
At the end of the course a certificate of attendance will be delivered  by an APICS Master CPIM & CSCP Instructor.

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