This course prepares for a solid knowledge of cost and value analysis techniques, with a lean and project based approach, in order to maximise the add value for the end customer and to develop continuos improvement programs.

Cost analysis allows to calculate costs of products, while value analysis allows to reduce waste, secondary elements and functions, not strictly required or appreciated by the customer. It is widely recognized that about 80 % of product cost is defined in the development stage, so it is of key importance to master that stage.

The objective of the course is to analyze in detail the above techniques and to transfer the applicability in a project based  environment, especially focused to product development.

Main contents
Sessions offered in this course include:

  • Global competitiveness, cost reduction and add value increase
  • Origin and importance of value management
  • Product development process: how it works.
  • Value analysis and cost analysis: definitions and correlations
  • Cost analysis: concept, prerequisites  and results
  • Cost classifications: direct/indirect
  • Cost configurations: based on function, time, components, etc.
  • Fixed / variable costs
  • Use of costs: full costing and direct costing methodologies
  • Breakeven analysis
  • Make or buy choices
  • Excercises



  • Target cost: definition and calculation
  • Value analysis/value engineering: definition, scope, steps, and results
  • Project Cost Management (from PMBOK® 5th edition)
    • Plan cost management (expert judgment, analytical techniques, etc)
    • Estimate costs  (cost of quality, etc)
    • Determine Budget (cost baseline, etc)
    • Control Costs (earned value management, etc)
  • Design to Cost techniques: Kano model, Voice of the Customer, Quality Function Deployment, etc.
  • Examples and exercises

Who should attend

  • Financial managers
  • Account managers
  • Design and Project enginners
  • Anybody who wants to develop capabilities in the field

     Giuseppe Lovecchio, CFPIM, CSCP, CPF
APICS Master CPIM and CSCP Instructor.
More than 3500 education hours already delivered to managers and executives

Duration and delivery mode

  • Two days
  • Sessions in english, french or italian
  • In-company or in class

The course includes the documentation to be effectively prepared (slides in pdf format, etc.).
At the end of the course a certificate of attendance will be delivered  by an APICS Master CPIM & CSCP Instructor.

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